Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the neglected body

dear neglected body of mine,

i don't know any other way to start this letter other than to say i'm sorry. i'm sorry for not taking care of you, for feeding you with too much of the empty calories and less of the ones that mattered. i'm also sorry for not using you enough that's why your muscles are weak and are constantly hidden by rolls of fats that occupied so much of your space.

from now on, i promise to feed you with the good stuff - you know, the ones that you missed a lot like fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins. i promise that i will never leave you thirsty for water. i will bond with you and we'll do more of our walks together and we'll start dancing again just like before. i know i have strayed oh so many times but this time, it's gonna be different. i will keep my word and we'll be better than before.

i will do whatever it takes to be the best of what we could truly be..this i promise.

new self

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hubby baby

dear hubby,

thanks for being such a patient guy especially on days when i seemed to be pms-ing every single day. i just have so many things in my head that i can't seem to decide which chore to work on first. don't worry, tomorrow is gonna be a better day (fingers crossed). i love you.

p.s. thank you for reminding me that i am a winner even i sometimes feel like a loser.

girl #5

dear girl #5

dear girl #5,
being a homemaker doesn't make you a loser. it only makes you a winner. imagine doing all that much work without a salary is truly a remarkable thing. you're worth more than your weight in diamond. life will surely stop when you stop working.
when times seemed tough and low self worth starts to kick in; remember that you are always loved and don't you forget it.